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Free Worldwide Delivery orders > $100 AUD

Giving Back With Micro-Loans

Did You Know? “When you help one woman and she will bring 4 people with her.”1

We fundamentally believe in the power of women and their amazing capacity to make an impact when provided the opportunity to pursue their dreams. Whilst we all have dreams, not all of us have the opportunity to pursue them.

Our “Dare to Dream” Project is about bringing opportunity to places where it is most needed – women in underprivileged countries who struggle to provide the essential needs for their family.

Giving back, micro-loans provided to seamstresses in Ghana

Through our partner Opportunity International Australia, we provide small loans to women-led businesses in underprivileged countries. Doing this starts a ripple effect that makes lasting change and breaks the poverty cycle.

As the loans are repaid and recycled, more than one woman can receive the same opportunity to realise her dreams.  This is how pay it forward happens, one action creates a ripple effect that has the potential to impact many others.

Find out more about how small loans make a difference at www.opportunity.org.au

Thank you for sharing in our project and making an impact.

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