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The Journey Of A Dress

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Looking from the outside, often you don’t see everyone and every little detail that is required to come together to create a design. Every little step & people in the process rely on each other, every person contributes to this creative art of fashion.

Here is a little behind the scenes look at how a design is brought to life at All The Wild Roses.


For us, the design process starts with the fabric.  We use upcycled fabrics, so as we hunt for fabrics, you never know what you’ll discover.

We let the fabric take us on the design journey, which is both challenging and exciting at the same time.  Depending on the print, colour or fabric type we then dream up of the designs.


I am always dreaming of designs, shapes & fabrics.  But the thing I think most of all is how I can make a design that is simple, timeless, effortless & feminine.

The design process is pretty organic & collaborative with our makers.  They have a big influence on the final design, and I really love this aspect, because it evolves from an initial idea that often, is better than I imagined or designed it.


I always say it’s really easy to dream up designs, but our pattern-maker Thuy is the person that provides the foundation for the design.

Pattern-making is a very meticulous art form which involves extreme precision, technical skills & patience, lucky for us Thuy has it in spades!

Once the pattern is made we make a sample of the dress to ensure the fit & details are right. Then we do a fitting of the dress (usually on me).  Then there maybe 1-2 revisions on the initial pattern if necessary.

We really have a process where we take a lot of time in the design pattern-making process so that we limit the number of samples from a waste-reduction point of view as well.


After the pattern is created for the design, then we cut the pattern onto the fabric.  This sounds like a simple process but each of our dresses is cut individually by hand & rather than machine cut.

The skill comes into cutting and placement to ensure efficient use of the fabric.  Where we can we use the off-cuts to make detailing & accessories on the design.

Again to reduce fabric waste in the production of our designs.

We focus on small-scale production and produce to order and seasons to reduce wastage. So we produce small runs to line up with orders so we don’t produce excess stock or fabrics.


Our clothing artisans were trained by remaking vintage clothes, so at the core, we want to make beautiful clothes that last in terms of style and quality.  The sewing process is where the garments come to life in a tangible way from a design and cut pieces of fabric.

The skill of our artisans is what will bring the quality in the construction to design.  I call them the “magic-makers” as they do bring a design dream to life, they are the dream weavers!


Each of our designs takes between 1-3 hours to sew. Once assembled, the dresses go through finishing, where they are turned inside out and checked for loose threads, pressed and, finally, packed ready for shipment to Australia.

We use recycled packaging & carbon neutral shipping for all our freighting with Go Green DHL.


Once we have the product we do a photo shoot, with a small team of three, photographer, model & me (for styling/makeup & hair).

The theme for our shoot is very much an extension of our design philosophy, effortless and simple.  So when it comes to styling hair and makeup of our models, we keep it natural and effortless.


The designs then are uploaded online for you!  No matter how many times we create new designs, I always get a bit nervous on the release of our designs, so there is that quote:

“When you buy from a small business an actual person does a little happy dance” – it’s not just a quote it does happen ????

It is thrilling when something that you put so much heart and hands into creating goes home with someone that loves it too.  I think that is where clothing and fashion has a unique place to create that connection between makers and the lives of women who invest in our designs.

Hang Osment~Le


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