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Sustainable Living Hacks To Start Today

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Sustainable Living Hacks

How To Make More Sustainable Choices This Earth Day

When it comes to saving the planet, altering our daily habits will eventually make the world of difference.

For instance, any attempt to curb our dependency on plastic items like bags, straws and other single-use products will help reduce our impact on nature where this waste can sit for eternity.

This Earth Day on April 22, we’re shining the light on ways you can make simple, greener choices by swapping a few bad habits for better ones.

1. Switching To Paperless Billing

Major supermarkets will typically offer their own brand of green bags, but why waste an opportunity to make it your own? Literally, any bag will do (except a plastic one), but if you want something with a bit of structure, try this hessian bag from Etsy.

2. Switching To Paperless Billing

This one is so simple: if your bank or energy or water suppliers still send you snail mail, just ask them not to! If they haven’t already transitioned to hosting everything online – including your billing statements – most organizations will welcome a request to save the paper.

3. BYO Coffee Cup

A lot of people still aren’t aware that takeaway coffee cups aren’t biodegradable thanks to the plastic lining. Fortunately, there are plenty of stylish cups you can use on the go. These Frank Green cups even include pay wave technology. Next Generation Visa PayWave Smart Cup – 12oz, $39.95, Frank Green

4. BYO Drink Bottle

Plastic water bottles, like straws and takeaway coffee cups, are another unnecessary cause of plastic waste that is so easy to stop using. Opt for a glass or stainless steel alternative.  SoL Glass Bottle, $39.99, SoLCups

5. Say No to Single-Use Straws

Single-use, plastic straws are a significant unnecessary evil. Considering that one, tiny piece of plastic will continue to exist on the planet long after you die, campaigns like The Last Straw are asking, is it worth it? If you prefer to drink through a straw, we recommend getting yourself some stainless steel, glass or silicone reusable straws to keep in your handbag. Four Pack Stainless Steel Straws and Cleaning Brush, $12.95, Nourished Life

6. Remove The Plastic From Packed Lunch

Lunchboxes are typically full of plastics. From the box itself to cling wraps and resealable sandwich bags, consider swapping these for an eco-friendly alternative. For example, to keep your lunch fresh, get your hands on some beeswax wrap or reusable sandwich pockets. Beeswax Wrap Large Sandwich Pack, $30, Bee Wrappy

7. Use Your Dishwasher

A 2009 German study found that using a dishwasher is actually a more efficient use of water than hand washing. However, this only counts if the dishwasher is full! While one dishwasher load might use around 13 liters of water, the equivalent hand wash is likely to use over 40 liters.

Source article:  Lifestyle.com      Related Posts:  Sustainable Fashion-upcycled fabrics

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