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“Art Changes People, People Change the World” ~ John Butler

Fashion is art, it always has been. So when you wonder what does fashion have to do with changing the world & what can I do to make a change? The answer is to just make little mindful shifts & the first is to change the way you see fashion. Because once you do that, you’re part of the ripple effect that can create big changes.

Here we talk to Kira, the founder of Ethical Market Place “The Green Hub” on our story, how my extended family & I started our little dream & how you’re part of it….

“Before starting All The Wild Roses, founder Hang Osment-Le had a very different career as an insurance company finance manager. She was first inspired at just 19 years old to start the brand after making her first trip to her native Vietnam.

“All The Wild Roses is a way to pay it forward and share the opportunities I had with my extended family and the women in their community who work as seamstresses. I saw that they were capable of more but just did not have the access to opportunity and global markets, so I wanted to help them bridge that gap.” Read more here

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