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Courtney Kirby on essential oils, crystals + her babe

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Courtney and The Babes Essential Oils

Courtney and The Babes, Introducing Courtney Kirby – wife, mother and lover of natural healing and wellness. Residing in Melbourne, Australia with her husband and two sons, Courtney spends her days educating others on the benefits of essential oils, collecting crystals and weaving (see Courtney’s instagram for her beautiful work). It is from here, Courtney + The Babes is handmade, with love from her dining room table, as her two beautiful babes play at her feet.

How did you begin your beautiful brand, Courtney + The Babes?

C+TB was created fairly organically. I started making wall hangings after I had my first child and sold them via my Instagram account. I eventually needed a website to cater for proper sales. I’ve also been making my own lotions and potions using essential oils for years, people started to show interest and wanted to buy them. Now I’m working pretty much full time from home sharing my products.

Who are “The Babes”?

The babes are my 2 sons Noah and Safi, and my husband Ali. We kind of sound like a cover band don’t we?

Courtney and The Babes Kids

What drew you to work with essential oils and crystals?

I use oils because they work. I’d much rather use a natural product than put toxins in mine and my family’s bodies. My medicine cabinet is filled with my roller blends and bottles of essential oils. They work wonders for the body physically, mentally and emotionally. Plus, I can clean my house with them!
Crystals are so aesthetically pleasing. I’ve always had crystals around me but never dove into their healing properties until a few years back. We all have a selection of gems on our bedside table for calming energy at bedtime. I have a small crystal in my car that I hold whilst driving, quite like how someone uses a stress ball.

Your favourite essential oil and why?

Just one?! Lavender… I use it for anxiety, sleep, skin irritation, calming my kids, headaches – it’s great for calming the nervous system.

Your favourite crystal and why?

I’m drawn to Calcite. I’ve got 6 different types at home and they’re all the prettiest hues. Green is calming, orange is energising, clear is for manifestation, pink is for emotional healing, red is for vitality.

What inspires your creativity?

I’m a definitely a visual person. Colour inspires me a lot. I’m forever late night scrolling through Instagram saving photos of artwork and pretty pictures. Music is another thing that urges me to create. I feel happy when I’m listening to my music and when I’m happy, I tend to come up with my ideas. My husband calls me stare bear because I’m a people watcher… I love taking in people’s aesthetic and style.

And finally, your favourite daily ritual?

My reading time! Once the boys are down for the night and I’ve done all my little jobs for the day, I really look forward to escaping in a good book. I’m forever adding new books to the pile next to my bed. I spray our bedroom with Cleanse, apply my sleep blend and stay up far too late turning page after page quietly trying not to wake the hub.

Courtney and The Babes Maker Courtney Kirby

Courtney + The Babes cleanse spray & roller blends are now available online

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