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Free Worldwide Delivery orders > $100 AUD

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We’re scouring the world to find global treasures that are not only beautiful but are also making an impact. And so we discovered a collection of Black Tribal Ikat Leather Bags from The Opportunity Collection by The Village Experience.  Made by artisans in India, using the ancient art of hand looming & eco Leather.  Never heard of these terms before?  You are not alone!  Here’s the lowdown….

Hand-loomed Ikat:
The introduction of power looms to the weaving market in India put the art of hand-loomed weaving at risk and generations of families were devastated. Loom work in India is not only a form of art, it is also a cultural identifier for the artisans in 40 villages surrounding Hyderabad. Ikat weaving is one of the most distinct forms of art and enables the artisans to sustain their families economically, socially and culturally.

What is Eco Leather?
As the Industrial Revolution in the 18thcentury took hold in Europe, leather production and tanning came to utilize several harsh chemical compounds aimed at increasing production and profits, but at the unfortunate expense of the environment. Leather tanning can be one of the worst pollutants to the air, water, and land surrounding its production.

In collaboration with Craft Resource Center, Fair Trade Netherlands, and The European Fair Trade Association, a new leather was born in India free of harsh chemical compounds. Eco Leather is bio-degradable and utilizes grade A leather. It is created and tanned without the use of azo dyes, pentachlorophenol, chrome IV and formaldehyde to name a few.  A win for the producer, consumer, and the environment!

The Opportunity Collection

Is a private label line by The Village Experience that seeks to provide opportunities for artisans globally. The focus is on preserving local techniques, infusing elements of fashion, and providing sustainable income.

The Village Experience is a socially proactive business dedicated to uplifting impoverished communities in the developing world through efforts in international trade and tourism.

A lot to digest!  But just goes to show that there are so many aspects that go into producing a handmade and sustainable accessory.  These bags are now available online.



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